Calcutta Management Association


Calcutta Management Association was instituted in 1957 following the recommendations of a committee constituted by the All India Council of Technical Education. Under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Education, CMA was the first institution of its kind in the country. CMA was the prime force behind the formation of the All India Management Association (AIMA).


To ensure for the management community, a platform where the most relevant and contemporary management ideas can be conceptualized, formulated and shared to enable a dynamic business and economic development.


As a premier management institution, to meet the challenges of continuously enriching and updating human capital.


The management of the Association is vested in the Executive Committee of the Association. Executive Committee consists of nineteen members: i.e. eight individual/combined individual members, six collective/combined collective members, four co-opted members and one ex-officio member.
At every Annual General Meeting, one half of the individual members and collective members of the Executive Committee are elected by the members of the Association.

The Executive Committee, from among its members, elects a President and Vice President and appoints a Treasurer.

The Executive Committee for 2010-11 is:

Mr Alokesh Banerjee, Asst Vice-President, United Spirits Ltd.
Mr Dhruba Mukherjee, Associate VP, The Telegraph, ABP Ltd.
Mr Gautam Ray, Executive Director-HR & Admin, CESC Ltd
Ms Atrayee Sarkar, Chief, Marketing Distribution & Branded Products, Tata Steel Ltd
Mr Anirban Datta, Director, Adcorp India
Prof Asok Banerjee, Management Consultant
Mr Jimmy Tangree, Station Head,  Digital Radio (Kolkata) Broadcasting 
Mr R C Bhattacharya, Vice Chairman, Globsyn Business School
Mr Somesh Dasgupta, President-Corporate Affairs & Administration, DPSCL & IPSCL
Mr Sandeep Kaul, Chief Executive, Personal Care Product Business, ITC Ltd. 
Mr A R Banerjee, Head - Finance, United Spirits Ltd.
Mr Dipankar Banerjee, Trustee & Professor, Eastern Institute of Management
Mr Pradeepta Bhattacharya, Sr Dean & Adviser, EIILM
Mr Jahan Mehta, Director, Selvel One Group
Mr Atri Bhattacharya, IAS, Secretary, Dept of Information & Cultural Affairs and Water Resources, Govt of West Bengal
Mr B Madhav Reddy, MD & CEO, The Calcutta Stock Exchange
Mr Kaushik Kanjilal, General Manager-Marketing, United Spirits Ltd.
Mr Siddhartha Chatterjee, Country Head, Trustline Securities Ltd

Aspirational Fingerprint

  • CMA aspires to provide world-class management training and professional development, which includes:

  • Providing knowledge, information and experiential inputs on vast array of relevant and contemporary management-centric issues

  • Encouraging competition amongst students and young minds through innovative and interesting learning vehicles

  • Continuously broad-basing and enhancing quality as well as adding value to the programme portfolio


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